donderdag 26 juni 2008

working on a party-train.

One of the strangest environments I worked as a caricature-artist I was some days ago.
It was on a train. A party train. A group of a company makes a round trip on a train during a day and evening and haves a lot of fun. Drinking cocktails eating nice food.

The train did a traject between Baarn - Den Bosch - Haarlem - Baarn.

In Den Bosch the group was having a siteseeing and shopping day. But the most op the group weren't shopping but went to a terras drinking. So when they came back in the train they were all very happy of the drinks. Together with the cocktails served in the train. A lot of them Had a little to much. In Haarlem the group had to get out the train to see a performance of a singer.

For me it was a very heavy job. The shaking of the train, the guests who drunk a little to much and the space in the train which is very small.

I did survive it and now I look back to a strange , but funny experience.

de toekomst

Last week I had a job drawing caricatures during a sailing trip. The ship is a zeetjalk as they call it in Dutch . The name of this ship was de Toekomst ( the future)It's 27,5 meter long and 5,60 wide and can have groups up to 60 persons.

This day a group of 50 persons were having a day trip from Enkhuizen to Urk and back.

We were really sailing during the whole trip on the IJsselmeer. That's a big lake now, but it was a sea. The Dutch made a big dike and won land from the sea. The destination Urk used to be an island. It's now part of the new land. We had a pleasant day. There was a strong wind, so i had to draw in an angle of 45. On the one side I saw water, on the other side the air. That was a strange experience.

Here are some more photo's.

maandag 16 juni 2008

Tjeerd Bomhof of the Duttch Band Voicst

One of the best bands in the netherlands is Voicst. Check their music. the last edition of PINKPOP, that's one of the biggest rock/pop festivals in the Netherlans they gave a great performance.Their last cd cover and a photo of the singer Tjeerd Bomhof in a music magazine inspired me to make this caricature.

donderdag 5 juni 2008

recent live work april - may 2008

Sjaak Lucassen motor globe totter

Some weeks ago I was invited to go to a lecture of Sjaak Lucassen.
He is a motor driver who has globe trotting on a motorbike as his profession.
On a Yamaha YZF R1 he travelled round the world in 5 years and 5 months .
This motor is a race motor.
Not the first motor you think about when you want to travel the world.
But Sjaak went everywhere , Africa, Asia , South and north America.
The whole trip was 250.000 km. You can read about it in his site
(There’s an English version too.)
During this tour he wrote his travel-story for many motor magazines.
Now back home in the Netherlands he tells his story with a PowerPoint presentation to make money for his next world tour. With photo’s and video’s and a lot of humour Sjaak entertains the audience.
During this presentation I made a caricature of him.
It was my present to Sjaak to tell him he’s doing a great job and to thank him for his story.
After his presentation I found out that my Dutch colleague Thijz joined him for the last part from France to the Netherlands. He also made a caricature of Sjaak.