maandag 7 januari 2008

CU 2008 Oosterbeek

Last week I joined the caricaturist convention. 3 days in a hotel in Oosterbeek Netherlands with 22 collegues from all parts of the world. Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Scotland, USA, Japan, Iran.

We had a great time drawing each other. Learning from each other.It was such fun. I even won one of the competitions. Best cartoon style caricature. I must say there were not many cartoons, but still I am very proud to win the wacom bamboo. There were so many diffirent styles and techniques to see.

I am satisfied with the serie I produced these days.

We were drawing day and night. It gives a great creative boost. After 3 day the working room is full of drawing material. The walls hung with great caricatures.Every artist uses her/his own style and technique. Some worke in black and white, others in colour. All kind of pencils, markers,paint. Also digital caricatures were made during these days. We went to the local pub to make caricatures of the public. Had a lot of fun doing a drawing game. So 3 day working, eating, drinking together is a great event to start the year.

This is the cartoon I won the prize with. Mike told us after a day work and an evening drinking about his relationship with sheep. That night I was dreaming about where that can lead to and made a cartoon of it the next morning.

Mick Hollinworth won a lot of prizes. He made some great caricatures. He told everybody that he was a coalminer and did many jobs before he became carictusist. He is my working class hero of this convention. Check his website

The most I was impressed by the work of Emi from Japan. She made great illustrative caricatures. Every carcature she gave another atmosphere with a lot of humor. She did one of me with my hair looks like the wings of a bird of prey. Here she makes the prize winning caricature. Congratulations Emi!