zaterdag 23 februari 2008

Dalai Lama

This one is older than the Boris serie. I made this one at the end of january.
I intend to make a serie of caricatures in watercolor of all kind of persons. Politicians, rockstars,actors etc. and hope to get better and better with this technique.


In the februari there was a drawing challenge on the NCN forum of carcaturists. All member carciaturists were asked to make a ( non digital) drawing of the former Russian president Boris Jeltsin. Ther are great caricatures send in by the many participators.

Because I am lately busy for fun with watercolor paint I decided to do this challenge with this technique.

The first one I wasn't completely happy with the likeness. The second the likeness is there. And the thirth carcature I made because I didn't like the very blue background color and I wanted to make on from another angle. I am happy with the results sofar. Of course now I see the things that can be done better the next time. But that's allways .... your best work is the one you haven't made yet,but will make in future.